• community visioning and innovation
  • community mapping
  • community of practice building and management
  • collaborative sensemaking
  • communicative workflow analysis
  • collaboration systems design/prototyping
  • social media (wikis, blogs, Twitter etc.) setup & training
  • project management
  • applied research


I am a research consultant with much academic and practical experience in Community Informatics. I am connected to a large international network of researchers and practitioners.

My main R&D expertise is in (online) community building and sensemaking, collaboration systems analysis & design, the effective use of social media, and the societal impact of the Internet.


I provide a broad range of services to organizations, and (interorganizational) communities and networks. My clients are mainly in, but not limited to, the non-profit sector (education, research, government, innovation networks, public libraries, etc.).

Community Mapping

Through my community mapping services I help your network make sense of its collaboration complexity. Based on the community maps, I can also make a collaboration quickscan: a practical diagnosis of your collaboration processes and systems that provides you with concrete recommendations for their improvement.